Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Immoral of This Story

I'd love to comment but really, what hasn't been said?

Is it honestly a surprise that a high-ranking U.S. military guy feels homosexuality is "immoral"? And how many immorral people... oh sigh. I'm just pleased he said it openly, so it can be adressed. I imagine an articulate response will be served up on Positive Liberty.

Immoral. Seriously! Did someone not touch this guy in a loving way his whole life?



Anonymous said...

Uggg. That haircut...he looks like Chris Cooper from American Beauty.

Snosh said...

I volunteer to touch hiim in a loving way...he's kinda cute!

ryan said...

Hmm..kinda cute. Is he cute before or after he beats you senseless?

ewelthorpe said...

I'm sure he's just as hot as he cleans your blood from his hands with a hanky, which he throws in your face, hard as a hanky can be thrown, afterwards.

ryan said...

And then he pops his collar.