Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Gig (and Collar) Is Up!

Well, Michael Adams of Bravo's "Top Design," tonight you got booted off. Yes, you donned a double-popped-collar travesty special. But I have to say you bowed out with dignity and even a little grace.

But back to the collar thing. It makes me toss and turn at night to think you are a souless husk of a man, shuffling about attracted to shiny things like a barracuda and moved by little else. Therefore, should you feel slighted by my imagining such a thing, I would offer to sponsor you $50 if you participate in the AIDS Walk New York on May 20th, 2007. I've done it three times, it's invigorating (albeit do wear comfy walking gear) and you get to see plenty of Central Park along the way. And you'll show you have a sense of social conscience. No, it's nobody's by birth responsibility to be an altruist, but perhaps one should be at least a little bit.

Paris Hilton, you of all should do the AIDS Walk. You can even gab on whatever cell phone sponsor's new pretty model is handed to you. Do it, Paris! I'll only sponsor you $25 though, since you can sponsor your damned self and walk to boot.

I'll be walking!

Deal, Michael?



Anonymous said...

I'm sure Michael has far more important things to do other than walk in the AIDS looking at stupid chairs or gazing into a mirror to make sure his collar is popped above his ears.

ryan said...

AIDS Walk? Michael? Charity? Hahahahahaha.