Saturday, June 30, 2007

Don't Let Your Sons Grow Up to be Cowboys

Yee-ha, Calgary!

Ah, let them be cowboys!


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Meaningless Kiss

The fluffy romantic comedy, Music & Lyrics, has another fabulously 80's-style pop ditty in it, "Meaningless Kiss," sung by Hugh Grant's character (and Grant himself, for real!). It's a shameless riff on "Careless Whisper." Someone with time on their hands edited the segment into a video for YouTube.

Gotta love it!

The song, by the way, is the work of one of the members of Ivy, one of my favorite bands.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Be Near Me Again!

You know, ABC's "Be Near Me" is a great song. But seriously - this video? Faggotized.

Let me count the ways. That hair stem thing growing out of Mark White's head, like he was a fruit - which he is. The weird guitar thing that looks like it popped out of Kenny Scharf's ass. The Oompa Loompalicious David Yarritu (who is a homo, too).

Yeah, that's about all the ways I am going to bother counting.

You can add more in the comments.

PS - David Yarritu was involved with the gay weekly NYC bar night for short homos, Runt, the awesome brainchild of Stephin Merritt.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Das New New Order

OK, I'm abandoning the whole "If I Was a DJ" headline for my music-related posts because I'll be up to like 853 soon enough, and perhaps it's a little obvious I'm into these bands if I'm pushing you to listen to them. Hm.

In any case, today I'd like to introduce you blog voyeurs to KLEE, one of my favorite German pop bands. Think New Order with a female vocalist (in the vein of Sarah Cracknell of St. Etienne) at their most perky and melodic. Strangely, in a good way, iTunes has made available heaps of German pop bands lately, whose albums were a pain in the ass to find unless you went to Berlin or something, including KLEE. "2 Fragen" is one of their most catchy songs, and of course there's a video for it on YouTube. There's even a plucky bass solo in it that sounds totally like Peter Hook (albeit with a little less manic, pulsating fury), so I'm assuming KLEE are big New Order fans as well.



Philly Dilly

My vacation destination feature on Philadelphia has just gone up on LOGO Online. Here it is, travelers!


Monday, June 04, 2007

Clazziquai Project

I live close to Koreatown here in NYC - which is mostly concentrated on 32nd Street between 5th and 6th Avenues - and regularly frequent one of its CD/DVD shops, Korean AM Music. The proprietor, Kim, freaked me out the first time I shopped there by giving me a big hug. He also gives me free compilation CDs on occasion. But beyond that, Kim has nailed down my musical taste pretty well and always has a group or two to recommend (and play a song or two from). One of the first was Clazziquai Project, a really sweet, electronica/pop/lounge group. I was instantly smitten by the song "Sweety," and its ludicrously cute video. Bless YouTube for making this so easy to access (and an English version for those who prefer things that way).

Other albums have followed, and their new one hits Korea in less than a week. Kim will have one for me.

Watch "Sweety" and tell me you don't want to magically appear on a Seoul rooftop prancing around with a satellite dish thingee in your hand.


Friday, June 01, 2007

Hi School, Bye School

My 20th high school reunion, the first my class has had (lazy-assed class prez!), is this Saturday. I'm not going. The me of years past hates that, because I used to be so nostalgic I'd chomp at the bit. But now... I'm not quite so nostalgic.

There are like 85 updates on the class reunion website, pics and bios about "where are we now," from my classmates. I see only one other openly gay person. I find that a little strange. Was my high school so intensely sucky that the gays had to flee as far away as they can and bury the memories in brick and mortar? Seriously. And it was a pretty liberal suburb to boot! So many of the people I was closest to haven't resurfaced, either... (off the record I know of at least two other openly gay classmates who haven't posted to the site yet) Everyone else has like 900 babies. As one does, I suppose.

In any case, work beckons... so any classmates who read this, have a good time and clap/drink to those Thompson Twins and Duran Duran songs for me.