Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spelt Like This

OK, so when I was a freshman in college I found this single, "Contract of the Heart" by Spelt Like This, in a Yale-area record shop (mind you I didn't go to Yale, just went there to hang out and shop and see art films). I knew nothing about the group, but really liked this ditty.

Years later, with everything online, I found the video on YouTube.

Oh boy.

I don't think that guy is at all interested in a "woman to man" situation unless it's strictly professional. This video is insane. It's nuts. I'm not sure how I feel about the song now. Do I like it more? Less? Will I be able to separate it from the almost-as-gay-yet-supposed-to-be-straight Big Fun group that is performing here? Can I live with their lies?


Saturday, March 20, 2010


How lame am I? No updates in forever. So lame!

Sunshine and spring has finally come to New York, and today seemingly everyone in the city went outside to take advantage. It's like a tube of Pillsbury biscuits was twisted open with the dough exploding out the sides, everyone was so sick and tired of the winter they absolutely had to be outdoors. Shake Shack had what seemed to be a 3-hour-long line (you definitely deserve verbal abuse if you spend 3 hours waiting on a line for pretty much anything unless you're in 1980s Russia or a hospital).

Even though much work to do this week, I want the sun and spring to stay. Working indoors is a happier affair with that through the window...