Friday, August 31, 2007

The 80s Happened There, Too Pt.2

Wow - even clapping goddamned hands in this super retarded awesome 80s video for The Spoons' "Nova Heart." You can in fact blame Canada for this one!

Great song! And there are more where this came from!


Wednesday, August 29, 2007


You think Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour was gay?

You ain't seen Mylene Farmer's 1997 Bercy concert. Holy cannoli! Just look at this.

Mylene is France's Madonna, only she doesn't bother reinventing herself or going through producers like Pringles. Which is both good and bad. I've been a fan since 1993 or so, and she's one artist I haven't yet met/interviewed, although I so very much want to. She lived in NYC for a while, and I regret not looking out for her (although I do swear that I might have seen her in an uptown restaurant one night during that period but said to myself, "what would she be doing in NYC?" and stopped staring).

Anyway, she did a duet with Moby that is also on YouTube, and I think it might have been heard stateside.

I saw a drag queen do Mylene in Montreal last trip!

Yay Mylene!

So gay.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fall TV Preview

My Fall TV preview for The Advocate hits stands this weekend (alas, it's not in the online edition), so pick 'er up! I actually liked all of the shows listed - especially BBC America's Torchwood, a sci-fi series starring a bisexual team of investigators that wield cool/weird/scary alien devices. The first episode has one of the guys use a love potion #9-style cologne to bed down a straight couple! And aliens eating people! It's great!

Get that TiVO started!


Friday, August 24, 2007

Mono or Stereo?

Glory be, my blood test for mono came back negative, so this whole tonsil ordeal and a weird cold/flu that plagued me - I still haven't completely shaken it off - isn't from one of the suckier viruses on the scene.

In fact, looks like acid reflux is the cause of my throat issues. Which will take over a month to really resolve, I'm told. Again, that whole aging thing sucks in these cases, but I can't complain!

Fun stuff coming soon to this blog again. Really!


Thursday, August 09, 2007

On Hold

I'm perfectly happy to get older (and wiser), but this whole health failing thing, well, I'm not down with it. For like a month my tonsils have been in states of irritation, and over the past week, while I was in Montreal on a great pride press trip - aka DiversCite - it started to hurt when I talked and ate. Hurt enough to make me not want to talk or eat. Which is not the way to do things as a journalist, a travel journalist no less. So I had to postpone this week's scheduled trip to Mexico City. I'm so bummed, because I can't wait to go, although I am rescheduling (thanks to the lovely Mexico tourism gentleman). Tonsils, meanwhile, still not up to snuff. I have been to an ENT doctor several times, and each time he puts a long, flexible, alien camera tube device into my nose, through to my throat and down into my windpipe, with which he can see what's going on. Thanks to having watched Steve-O put earthworms into one orifice and out of the other, I was rather calm about the whole affair. Thanks Steve-O! Meanwhile, all that's clear is something's weird, so now I wait on a test the insurance has to approve.

So yeah, the weird health stuff sucks. Don't it?

ps - I totally asked the Trojan if he had seen any Spartans, but he said he hadn't. Guess they were dining in hell or something! (and not sure he knew what a Spartan was, honestly).