Monday, March 12, 2007

If I Was a DJ pt. 3

Next track would be "Hello!" by Ram Rider. Basically, it's Japan's Daft Punk. Really contagious, sample-heavy dance pop with lots of vocoder action. I first heard the CD - and bought it - at Tower Records (R.I.P.!) in Shibuya, Tokyo, December of 2005. Damn was that sweet disco. I forced a Japanese friend (who has brilliant taste) to listen to it and he went nuts too.

There's a video for "Hello" on YouTube. And the band's official website is here.

Some ideal day in the future, iTunes will be borderless, and you can buy any album from anywhere in the world. Dream sweetly of this future.

Oh - the other day I interviewed Sandra Bernhard for an upcoming piece in Passport Magazine. A friend asked, "you mean angry man face?" Sure, with some kabbalah thrown in.

I love Sandra! San-dra!


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