Saturday, August 23, 2008

Feeling French

Last night, for lack of anything to watch, I put on some music videos by Mylene Farmer, a sort of French Madonna/Kylie I have been into since 1993 or so, when I first heard her music in Paris. Watching this video, by director Luc Besson (and the Michael Jackson killed by a cross bit is so random!), I had a sort of flood of nostalgia. Back in the 1990s I became smitten with France, I was so attracted by its culture, men, food, film, the list goes on. I befriended any French transfer student I could at my college (which I had just graduated but had many friends still attending). Alas, now France is so expensive I haven't been back in about 3-4 years, plus my travel obsessions have taken me to Asia and other parts of the world. I don't go so crazy for France anymore, but in another life, coulda worked out well.

Funny enough, Mylene lived in NYC for a spell, and bathed in anonymity. She used to go to Moby's Teany shop. I spotted her once uptown in a restaurant but thought I was crazy: "what would Mylene be doing here???" Darn.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I saw an advance screening of Bill Maher's RELIGULOUS tonight.

He's going to be in a loooottttt of trouble when it comes out.

And everyone should see it. It's almost too snarky in places, in fact it is (it's basically Borat meets Michael Moore), and unfair with the editing, but Bill really does challenge the folks he meets and his thesis - that organized religion leads intelligent people into illogical and dangerous/hateful behavior and decisions - is hard to argue with.

I'll be interviewing Bill next month and can't wait. There's a section of the film that addresses ex-gays....


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Another Gay Sequel: The Clap!

Another Gay Sequel opens soon, and this music video from Perez Hilton - "The Clap" - is pretty darned funny (and looks great!). Perez has a role in the film, which is uber-outrageous. Meanwhile, check out his video!