Friday, March 16, 2007

If I Was a DJ pt. 4: Jangle Edition!

I visited Perth, Australia last March. It's a pretty isolated city all the way out west, regarded with more than a bit of superior disdain by most other large cities in the country, but has a fantastic music scene. Most genres are represented, and while sampling the local goods I discovered The Bank Holidays, a deliriously jangly quartet that sounds a lot like those Swedish "Summersound" bands a la Ray Wonder. Lots of 60s pop influence, harmonies, jangly guitars, sweet male/female vocals. Friggin' fantastic.

They've got a full length album coming out by this summer. Until now, just a pair of 4-track EPs. There's a video for one of their first releases, "Tread Easy," here.

And let's not forget their MySpace page, where you can hear my favorite tune, "Like a Piano."

Please let this band get noticed by a cool US label like Drag City.

Perth, you're doing something right!

Love 'em!


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