Monday, May 28, 2007

Oh You Pretty Things

My friend Michael Lucid is friggin' insane, in that really good genius-y way. His and Amanda Barrett's (above, l-r) utterly crazy "Pretty Things" skit series has caused me gut laughs since he first slipped me a tape some years ago. One of their latest compilations, portions of which have played film fests all over, includes "Str8 For a Minute," a zippy ditty (complete with a choreographed move!) about a gay who plays straight when faced with an awkward situation. Mind you, not very convincingly playing straight. It's hysterical.

There are tons of additional Pretty Things skits on YouTube, as well as their official website.


Keep up the crazy, Michael!



Anonymous said...


Ryan said...

This stuff is hilarious! Thanks for sharing!!

Bill said...

Str8 for a minute...sweet.

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