Saturday, May 19, 2007


I spent the past 10 days (2 of them on a plane, mind you) in South Australia with a couple of other gay journalists and our lovely escort, Mikel. This being my second trip down(under) south in as many years, I've come to love Adelaide and its surrounding wine regions, not to mention Kangaroo Island which is chock full of what you'd expect.

Adelaide is a compact city, young, and the food amazing. Fresh.

Anyways, here are a few photos.

Wine tasting!

Olives on the branch at an olive oilery.
I gotta say, Kangaroo is tasty!
Sea lion baby!


grisser said...

great picture with the wine.

ewelthorpe said...

thanks, grisser. But I'm not a drunk. OK. I'm not a drunk. Just tasting.

Just tasting!!!

Mikel said...

oh you weren't just "tasting." stop lying to everyone! :)

matt said...

Leave him alone! He ain't no drunkard. Take if from me, I don't drink...I sniff.