Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pop Goes My Guilty Pleasure

While on the plane back from Australia - Qantas, fyi - I watched most of "Music & Lyrics." Mostly insufferable, but a few reeaaalllllyyyy tasty 80s'-style pop songs that the Hugh Grant character purportedly wrote/performed during his heyday in a WHAM!-style band. I can't get the ditty "Pop! Goes My Heart" out of my head since, and actually watched the start of the film twice to see the hysterical faux 80's music video that accompanies the song. It's on YouTube. The soundtrack is on iTunes but, most hatefully, you have to purchase the entire $11.99 album for the track (and a ridiculous/great "Careless Whisper" ripoff).

Oh - and Grant actually sings the songs!

I feel so dirty.


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