Friday, June 01, 2007

Hi School, Bye School

My 20th high school reunion, the first my class has had (lazy-assed class prez!), is this Saturday. I'm not going. The me of years past hates that, because I used to be so nostalgic I'd chomp at the bit. But now... I'm not quite so nostalgic.

There are like 85 updates on the class reunion website, pics and bios about "where are we now," from my classmates. I see only one other openly gay person. I find that a little strange. Was my high school so intensely sucky that the gays had to flee as far away as they can and bury the memories in brick and mortar? Seriously. And it was a pretty liberal suburb to boot! So many of the people I was closest to haven't resurfaced, either... (off the record I know of at least two other openly gay classmates who haven't posted to the site yet) Everyone else has like 900 babies. As one does, I suppose.

In any case, work beckons... so any classmates who read this, have a good time and clap/drink to those Thompson Twins and Duran Duran songs for me.


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