Monday, June 04, 2007

Clazziquai Project

I live close to Koreatown here in NYC - which is mostly concentrated on 32nd Street between 5th and 6th Avenues - and regularly frequent one of its CD/DVD shops, Korean AM Music. The proprietor, Kim, freaked me out the first time I shopped there by giving me a big hug. He also gives me free compilation CDs on occasion. But beyond that, Kim has nailed down my musical taste pretty well and always has a group or two to recommend (and play a song or two from). One of the first was Clazziquai Project, a really sweet, electronica/pop/lounge group. I was instantly smitten by the song "Sweety," and its ludicrously cute video. Bless YouTube for making this so easy to access (and an English version for those who prefer things that way).

Other albums have followed, and their new one hits Korea in less than a week. Kim will have one for me.

Watch "Sweety" and tell me you don't want to magically appear on a Seoul rooftop prancing around with a satellite dish thingee in your hand.


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grisser said...

too.. cute.. argh.
the song's nice, but a little too popish for me :3