Thursday, June 07, 2007

Das New New Order

OK, I'm abandoning the whole "If I Was a DJ" headline for my music-related posts because I'll be up to like 853 soon enough, and perhaps it's a little obvious I'm into these bands if I'm pushing you to listen to them. Hm.

In any case, today I'd like to introduce you blog voyeurs to KLEE, one of my favorite German pop bands. Think New Order with a female vocalist (in the vein of Sarah Cracknell of St. Etienne) at their most perky and melodic. Strangely, in a good way, iTunes has made available heaps of German pop bands lately, whose albums were a pain in the ass to find unless you went to Berlin or something, including KLEE. "2 Fragen" is one of their most catchy songs, and of course there's a video for it on YouTube. There's even a plucky bass solo in it that sounds totally like Peter Hook (albeit with a little less manic, pulsating fury), so I'm assuming KLEE are big New Order fans as well.



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