Monday, April 16, 2007

Musical Folks You Should Know: Cazuza

Cazuza was one of Brazil's musical superstars, a singer-songwriter of great talent and passion. He was also a queer and a bit of an asshole - well, a big asshole - judging from a biopic I saw about him a couple of years back. His tunes ranged from straightforward rock to achingly profound ballads, and even without an understanding of Portuguese you can hear and appreciate the poetry in his vocals. Alas, he died of AIDS in 1990 but left behind a pretty amazing catalog of tunes, most of which is impossible to find in the USA. There have been a few domestic releases/collections, and are worth seeking out.

A bilingual website devoted to Cazuza features an extensive bio, discography, and - to hear his stuff - a videos section. Well worth a look, music fans and queer icon history buffs!


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