Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gay For... Videos?

I'm actually obsessed now with music videos - and films, etc - that feature flamingly, incredibly, blazingly queer people acting in "heterosexual" ways... that somehow the majority of the general public allowed itself to be deluded by. In complete complicity.

I mean, I have a family member who refused to believe Rosie was a lesbian until she uttered it herself. And how many people refused to believe Clay Aiken was gay, despite the damning evidence that built up.

So... here's a real gem. A video from Limahl. The girl in the video is in for a big surprise, let me tell you. This is like the "DL" 80s UK white boy style! Mind you, Limahl is one of my guilty pleasures. I love his pop goodness!



Anonymous said...

Your language choices paint the picture that being gay is something to confess, as if it were a crime. You talk of mounting evidence, denials and admissions. When you begin to see sexual orientation as incidental and none of your business you'll be getting closer to equality. Be the change you want to see.

ewelthorpe said...

Being gay is certainly no crime - but it is quite funny/sad how people who would discriminate against gays will allow themselves to believe that an ostentatiously "gay" - as in flaming - is heterosexual, and thus "acceptable." And it's equally ridiculous to me that someone like Limahl or members of Big Fun should have to depict themselves as womanizing heterosexuals to get MTV airplay, or someone to buy their singles. That is merely what I am saying here. I'm on the side of Harvey Milk - that every gay person should come out, and that is the only way we truly make progress. Once people realize they know, or love, someone who is gay, they tend to ease up on the political and religious-based ignorance. If I was still in the closet, I assure that some of my immediate family members would be homophobic. By my being out, almost 2 decades later instead they ask me "so when are you and your boyfriend getting married?"

jen laceda said...

L, listen to this. My brother-in-law's dad 'came out' when he was is his mid-30's or 40's. This was after having 7 kids!!! All because he thought he would be condemned by family and friends and not find a job (well, he was an accountant first, before be became an RN). I think he is very happy now. And all his 7 kids eventually 'forgave' (not my words; his children's words) him for leaving their mom.

ewelthorpe said...

Hey Jen!

I'm glad he was able to step out and move on, even though it caused a whole lot of upheaval and pain. I'm hoping that as we move forward, and gays become more visible and accepted, and enjoy the same rights and privileges as heterosexuals, that we will see fewer and fewer situations like the one you mentioned. And, trivial though it may sound, even a music video can make a difference.

Anonymous said...

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