Monday, September 22, 2008

Revenge on Spammers

I'm beginning to phase out my AOL e-mail because I get like 200 bait SPAMs a day - the "I am Mr. Zombu Mubiwa from Zimbabwe and have $3million to share with you" type - and it's just getting tiring to go through the e-mail and spam filters with scrutiny every time I check them.

Anyway, there is a BRILLIANT website devoted to revenge on the a**holes who are responsible for sending those evil SPAM notes, The 419 Eater. It's sort of like Perverted Justice, except the focus is on wasting these SPAMmers' time and exacting revenge rather than getting them arrested (which is tough due to international laws, etc) in clever, downright absurd ways.

It's sooooo gratifying.


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