Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Burma Chronicles

This past weekend I went to the Brooklyn Book Fair, where I picked up the new Guy Delisle graphic novel/memoir, The Burma Chronicles, from amazing publishers Drawn & Quarterly. It's great so far... Delisle is an artist/animator who has worked and lived in some pretty fascinating/repressive Asian countries and cities, most notably Pyongyang, North Korea. His Pyongyang memoir, of working amongst brainwashed North Koreans, is an absolute must and ranks amongst my top ten graphic novels ever.

They also serve as a contrast as to how much more repressive a government and society can be.... but these days, when people actually think Palin is a super duper candidate to be a likely president, well, you see how shit like that happens. And we're maybe inching closer to those situations. Except we have the internet and cable TV.


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