Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Madonna

Here is the part of my Madonna interview that didn't get used in the NY Magazine piece (or my The Advocate Berlin Film Fest wrap-up). It's pretty NY-centric....

Me: If you had shot the movie in New York, would this be a Williamsburg story or an East Village story?

Madge: “East Village. Peckham equals East Village, definitely.”

What would you have thrown in there from the East Village?

“Well, Eugene comes from the East Village.”

Would you throw Kiki and Herb in there?

“Yeah, I think so. Yeah. And what’s that very famous deli? The Kiev! That would be where Eugene would hang out all the time.”

And Veselka?

“Yeah, of course.”

Madonna will be in NYC this Spring when the Tribeca Film Festival screens "I Am Because We Are," the documentary about Malawi she produced.


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