Monday, February 25, 2008

Congrats Tilda, and a Blowoff

Big congrats to longtime queer muse/ally Tilda Swinton for winning the Oscar last night. The classy lady made an appearance at the Teddy Awards in Berlin, and mixed and mingled and had endless photos taken with her peers and fans alike (the two are usually the same). The above is a snap I shot of Tilda with the Panorama section's perpetually snazzy-dresser, Weiland Speck.

Also big kudos to Scott Rudin for coming out in a pretty big way at the Oscars. And to David Teague, who worked on Short Doc winner Freeheld (which I guarantee will make you cry when you see it).

Meanwhile, went to Blowoff here in NYC on Saturday night where Morel and Bob Mould spun astounding electro-house sets to a mostly bear-y crowd. Morel's got a new CD in the works - I believe we heard a track off it, which was amazing - and is touring with Mould. See 'em, and check out Morel's website for all sorts of updates, tracks, link to his Pink Noise remix page, and his really superb podcasts. I think every single artist should have a "Pink Noise" remix. When I interviewed Zac Hanson last year, I pointed him in Morel's direction since the band was considering some dance remixes... not sure if anything came of that, though. Will have to ask...


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