Sunday, October 14, 2007

Queer Music (and Heartbreak) Flashback

Ever have a relationship with someone who just wasn't ready for you? (or would never be ready for you? or just wasn't into you?) But you had something going for a while and it was both amazing and sucked because of the above?

Yeah, well thanks Kitchens of Distinction for a song I could play over and over and identify with/see meaning in back when that shit was a-going down with me in the early-to-mid 90s. "Drive That Fast."

Beyond that, Kitchens of Distinction is one of the best indie guitar bands ever, led by a homo by name of Patrick Fitzgerald. "Drive That Fast" is one of their best songs. Patrick has worked on a bunch of other projects, and is still active with Stephen Hero. You can download a bunch of stuff - which I had gone nuts to find for a while on CD - at the SH website.

If you haven't heard of Kitchens of Distinction before, click already!


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