Wednesday, October 31, 2007

iPod on Fire

There's a new single by one of my favorite Australian bands out: "Hearts on Fire" by Cut Copy.

I played it so many times in a row on my iPod that the drive started skipping and went batshit. I had to restart, then showed it who's boss by playing it another dozen times.

Every record label in the world needs to come together for a summit with iTunes and all the other digital music shops and figure out an international distribution scheme, because at present this awesome single is only available via the Australian iTunes shop (a limitation, as with so many other albums all over the world, unavailable to other iTunes territories). Doesn't this actually force someone to find a pirated copy online or a torrent? Hello! There are hundreds of albums and singles I would happily pay for if there was one big international iTunes or other mp3 shop. Get on it. Make money, labels and artists!

Meanwhile, make due by watching the band perform it live in Perth


grisser said...

haha fuck yes, I have that song on my DS too

ewelthorpe said...

You're gonna wear out that DS, Grisser! :-)