Saturday, September 01, 2007

The 80s Happened There, Too Pt.3

Oh Canada, we know you're ashamed of this video for Strange Advance's "We Run." Instantly contagious song with irresistible keyboard programming, and an absolutely ludicrous video featuring a mannequin, a lonely woman, a lead singer who looks a little like Alan Thicke and, well, someone please explain to me what the hell the drummer is doing. Seriously - watch the video a few times, and focus on the drummer during one of those. Frustrated theater school dropout or what?

This is officially a series of 80s videos postings, representing many countries, in part with the hopes we can come to a consensus of which first world country is responsible for the most horrific war crimes tribunal worthy 80s pop videos. Will it be England? Or the USA? Or France? So many offenders, so many postings to come. Please do feel free to comment and vote on each!


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