Thursday, August 09, 2007

On Hold

I'm perfectly happy to get older (and wiser), but this whole health failing thing, well, I'm not down with it. For like a month my tonsils have been in states of irritation, and over the past week, while I was in Montreal on a great pride press trip - aka DiversCite - it started to hurt when I talked and ate. Hurt enough to make me not want to talk or eat. Which is not the way to do things as a journalist, a travel journalist no less. So I had to postpone this week's scheduled trip to Mexico City. I'm so bummed, because I can't wait to go, although I am rescheduling (thanks to the lovely Mexico tourism gentleman). Tonsils, meanwhile, still not up to snuff. I have been to an ENT doctor several times, and each time he puts a long, flexible, alien camera tube device into my nose, through to my throat and down into my windpipe, with which he can see what's going on. Thanks to having watched Steve-O put earthworms into one orifice and out of the other, I was rather calm about the whole affair. Thanks Steve-O! Meanwhile, all that's clear is something's weird, so now I wait on a test the insurance has to approve.

So yeah, the weird health stuff sucks. Don't it?

ps - I totally asked the Trojan if he had seen any Spartans, but he said he hadn't. Guess they were dining in hell or something! (and not sure he knew what a Spartan was, honestly).

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