Wednesday, August 29, 2007


You think Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour was gay?

You ain't seen Mylene Farmer's 1997 Bercy concert. Holy cannoli! Just look at this.

Mylene is France's Madonna, only she doesn't bother reinventing herself or going through producers like Pringles. Which is both good and bad. I've been a fan since 1993 or so, and she's one artist I haven't yet met/interviewed, although I so very much want to. She lived in NYC for a while, and I regret not looking out for her (although I do swear that I might have seen her in an uptown restaurant one night during that period but said to myself, "what would she be doing in NYC?" and stopped staring).

Anyway, she did a duet with Moby that is also on YouTube, and I think it might have been heard stateside.

I saw a drag queen do Mylene in Montreal last trip!

Yay Mylene!

So gay.


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