Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Sundance Proposition

There has been some talk of a Sundance boycott in January since the festival takes place in Utah. However, I don't see this as productive. Let me explain.

First, Park City, where most of us stay and most of the festival takes place, is pretty secular and open-minded. And Salt Lake City, despite being home of the LDS headquarters and its many buildings and attractions, boasts a major LGBT population and alternative scene. As I understand it only a little over 40 percent of SLC's populace is Mormon.

The LDS leaders would no doubt LOVE to have us not come to Utah for the festival - after all, so many gays and liberal heathens attend the festival.

So let's all go to Sundance this January with bells on. It makes far more sense for even more of us, more than ever, to attend Sundance and either on one specific day, or even on rotating shifts, go to Salt Lake City and protest outside the headquarters. Let's support the gay businesses out there, and avoid the ones that were behind Yes on 8.

The world press will be at Sundance. This would get coverage far and wide. And it would DRIVE THE LDS INSANE.

Let's bring the party to their doorstep.

Anyone want to propose a specific date for "Sundance Against 8"?


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