Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gay Days in Anaheim

Although one could argue Disneyland is always chock full o’ gays, the weekend of October 3-5th saw red-shirted LGBT guests overtake the parks for the 11th Annual Gay Days Anaheim. And despite the fact Orange County is pretty “Yes on 8” (sadly, 5 minutes off the plane at Long Beach Airport and I spotted a “Yes on 8” bumper sticker on a car – along with a McCain/Palin sticker) as a generalization, gay couples merrily paraded hand-in-hand.

The party Wonderland kicked things off on Friday – Alec Mapa was in the house, along with a bunch of folks dressed like the Alice in Wonderland characters. Come Saturday it was all about going for a ride, and a sassy Cruella DeVille met visitors at the gate. “Ain’t you gonna clap for Tinkerbell? The fairies are dying,” she told a bunch of kids during a photo op. “But we’re feeling just fine!” a queen responded. “Not you, you’re the good fairies,” she winked back, before literally shooing the kids away with a “now get outta here, go.”

The bears were out in full force – notably during the Hungry Bear Lunch in Critter Country, while The Trevor Project hosted a Youth Lunch behind Thunder Mountain. At the California Adventure park, a group of acrobatic queens – lubricated with cocktails from the crowded bar – started an impromptu Cirque du So Gay, doing flips and splits and other America’s Got Talent-ready displays (who didn’t love that baton twirler this season?).

Meanwhile, Chad Allen and Brad Rowe screened their here! productions, Ice Blues and Shelter, respectively, at Gay Days headquarters, Disney’s Grand Californian. An overall grand, fun, and not too messy – barring a drunk, shirtless queen prodded to put his shirt back on by a Downtown Disney security guard after the Wonderland shindig – Gay Days. Oh Mickey, forever shall we hold our banner high, high, high!

Lawrence Ferber

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