Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sex and the Sh*tty

My friends and I have been obsessed with this absurd commercial for a few years now. Clearly they were going for "Sex and the City," yet the dialogue is completely unfunny, not witty, so low rent. I picture the actors sitting around between shots going, "oh my god, you know, we're all so good we could totally be like another Sex and the City. Someone needs to do another show like that with US!" And then they fought over who gets to be Carrie, etc. This is some seriously funny/tragic low-rent stuff, and you have to watch it 100 times and quote every line. Look at how the "Charlotte" girl is going to America West air! And they are all sharing a single salad! Not even salads for all of them. Oh - and for the record, the car service ain't anything special. I recently was in a cab and we were being held up by a bad Carmel driver in front of us, the driver dangling his cigarette out the window as he smoked.




Ted said...

Ooooh girl!!

ewelthorpe said...

Now that's huge!

calvert said...

lolx, it made my laugh :P