Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Quit it Seacrest!

Every week on American Idol, Ryan Seacrest keeps embarrassing David Archuleta by going on about how the girls love him. The girls love you! Listen to the girls! Don't you love those girls? Tonight he even started ribbing David about who he would bring to the prom, and insinuating it was this girl sitting next to Daddy Archuleta. David just kept politely/bashfully giggling as he typically does.

Does Ryan not realize what he's doing with all this nonsense? Does he seriously have no clue? Or is he just being a prick? I don't think I have to spell out why this behavior makes Ryan a prick. Do I? I will if I have to.

I can't figure out the motives behind his behavior. But if you have a gaydar that even remotely picks up signals, and I'm certain Ryan does, you know Ryan is being a complete, malevolent bastard throwing the "girls" stuff up in David's face. Or at best, he's acting upon a benign ulterior agenda that we don't understand yet and plain old sucks anyway. Perhaps the show's producers are horrified that someone might suspect David is gay and, like Danny Noriega and the go-go boy, get him booted off because he's a nancy. Or maybe Daddy Archuleta, who has seen the video of his kid singing "And I Am Telling You" a few too many times and smells something flowery in the air, asks Ryan, "hey, can you let my boy know how many girls want him? Let him know about all those girls! He can pick any one of 'em! Hallelujah, all the girls! Hallelujah!"

Quit it, Ryan. Seriously. You're being a bastard. Quit with the "girls" stuff with David.



barb michelen said...
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ewelthorpe said...

Hey spambots, thanks for the posts! I guess that's what I get for posting about American Idol.

Anonymous said...

Ryan should push David down the steps.