Friday, January 11, 2008

A - I Mean, Three - Dramatic Turn!

I love 80s pop band Fiat Lux. I own their vinyl.

I also have this video, which I used to bring out at parties for a laugh.

Watch the first few minutes and decide: whose dramatic turn is most retarded?

Who will win!

Vote, please!

Oh - and the video, which is split into concert bits and staged dramatic videos, gets even more silly. Check out the modern dance segment! Which ain't modern no more! Or, truthfully, ever was!



muglafug said...

Isee you're talking about modern dance this is maybe out of your neiborhood but while I'm here check out how the kids are dancing in franc e at this moment

nUNUx DaNCiiNg

ewelthorpe said...

Yes, we will indeed have a retrospective laugh at these guys' expense in 2-3 years!