Monday, July 23, 2007

The 80s Happened There, Too Pt.1

The 80s didn't just happen in the USA and England - they happened in Spain, Mexico, France, well, everywhere. But specifically, so did 80s pop music. There are loads of really catchy ditties out there that didn't make our MTV, and I love hearing these when I travel, etc.

France didn't lack for 80s pop what with Telephone, Les Rita Mitsouko, and so many more. The new Andre Techine film features a couple of Mitsouko tracks, including "Marcia Baila" which is just insane. The video... well, it's just retarded. Have to use that word. So awesome!

iTunes sucks for not having Les Rita Mitsouko in the USA store. I demand one comprehensive iTunes! Sort those rights issues out, guys!

More 80s goodness to come - including Canada's The Spoons with "Nova Heart."


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